Would you give up Google for $17,000 a year? The Federal Reserve wants to know

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Google specifically? Sure The internet as a whole? No


$17k to have to use Bing… or like the yellow pages?


Make it 20k and I’ll give up all social media too.


GDP is always measured by the sale price of goods. For example if I buy a widget for $10, it’s because the widget is worth more to me than $10 is. We don’t try to measure GDP by the value that I place on the widget. We measure it on the selling price. The selling price for Google services is $0, but that’s because what they’re really selling is add space. This isn’t New in any way, we had the exact same thing with radio broadcasts for the last 100 years. changing the rules now is just going to artificially inflate GDP measurements. If they’re going to change the rules now, they need to retroactively calculate the value of all free radio and television broadcasts over the last 100 years. Only then would we be doing an apples-to-apples growth comparison. A


I don’t think we realize how addicted we are to the internet and it’s various services. This has been a huge problem for juries, who can’t seem to obey no-internet rules even when ordered to and being penalized for violations. It’s a mounting issue.