Ben Shapiro Threatens Beto O’Rourke With Gun Violence After O’Rourke Suggests Churches That Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Should Lose Tax Exempt Status. “Beto O’Rourke does not get to raise my child. And if he tries, I will meet him at the door with a gun.”

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Ben Shapiro trying to act like a tough guy may be the most pathetic thing I’ve seen today.


He didn’t say anything about taking religion away. His point was about tax exemptions. Shapiro is part of the fake outrage machine. Check out his website and see how outrageous it is. Breitbart level garbage.


Funny how the ‘conservative’ stance is the libs and anyone else who doesn’t like something needs to GTFO “because that’s the laaaw!” Yet a democrat proposes a law and they threaten to fucking kill somebody.


Big words from the guy that got cornered with his own logic in an interview and stormed away like a preteen boy after having an argument with his stepdad.


The entire right wing is going batshit crazy! Seriously, what the Hell is wrong with these people? Is there something in the water?