TIL Chick-fil-A Makes More Per Restaurant Than McDonald’s, Starbucks and Subway Combined … and It’s Closed on Sundays

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Part of the reason is that Chik-fil-a has not saturated the market with its restaurants. There are so many McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Subways, that they end up competing with themselves. Chik-fil-a = 2,363 franchises. McDonald’s = 37,855 franchises. Starbucks = 28,218 franchises. Subway = 42,000 franchises.


Starbucks line is long because it takes them 5 minutes to make a drink. Chick-fil-A line is long because the entire town is going there for lunch. Edit: They aren’t open Sundays because they can’t handle the after church crowd. Edit2: Edit 1 was a Joke!


IMO it is because most people still value customer service. Chick fil a hires better employees. The rest hire mouth breathers that fail study hall.


The one that I used to work near advertised their starting wage and it was about $4/hour over minimum wage. My actual plan when I was job hunting (changed work fields) was to apply there as a stopgap if I didn’t find a job in my new field within two months, it was only about $2.50 less than I’d been making as a vet tech and WAY less stressful.


Ever notice how little overhead they have in the menu?