Wasted health care spending in the U.S. tops annual defense budget, study finds

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Also – “administrative activities” is basically what my whole office does – and we get paid pretty well, to do something that is only required as part of the health care profit scheme. If all of our patients had Medicare – we would cut our staff by 85% or more. There is so much unnecessary BS in healthcare, that people just put up with, and sadly sometimes go bankrupt over.


One mans waste is another’s treasure. Health insurance companies and pharmaceutical compiles will disagree about this $900 billion being labeled as waste


Murica. #1 in bankruptcies from healthcare costs.


As others said , there’s so much gouging the average under 65 year old for healthcare, and everyone in the current system is in on it. Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical device companies, insurance companies, billing companies.. etc.. everyone is making bank, meanwhile every other developed country has a reasonable universal care system, while not perfect,it works and is around 10% of GDP , I doubt any of those citizens would trade their system ours. Price transparency while needed, won’t really solve much, because health care is not a discretionary purchase like an iPhone, and the more urgent and critical and expensive , the less people are worried about saving a dollar and more about the best quality care, after all if you save $20k but the surgeon s like #Dr. Nick# and your’re dead it really wasn’t worth it. Plus even if you have price transparency your limited by your geographic region in hospitals or doctors, and they will likely have similar costs,it’s not like your’re traveling across the country to save a few hundred. I think only when someone like Bernie Sanders gets enough support from our government will something change. I think I will see universal healthcare in our lifetime, because the up and coming generation is gonna realize that this employer based system isn’t too effective when most jobs are the gig economy.


The pricing is just arbitrary at this point. Medicare has their rates – which pay about 30% of any market PPO/HMO plan. What we pay (cost) of care is about 3x the actual value. The whole thing is a racket – with people under 65 stuck with woefully over priced healthcare.