Facebook apologizes after employees complain about racist company culture

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Okay! Well it’s all good now they’ve apologized. Just like apologizing for data use and supporting the spread of false information. Zucks the man. Good guy.


Even regardless of race, it sounds like an awful idea for coworkers’ anonymous (and therefore presumably unverifiable) feedback to affect employees’ performance ratings. Is this a common corporate practice that I’d just never encountered before?


> …a program manager who was asked by two white colleagues to clean up their mess and another employee who said human resources took no action after they reported an incident. >There were also multiple stories involving employees giving negative anonymous feedback on Facebook’s performance review system to hurt their minority colleagues’ performance ratings. Everything I’ve heard about that place makes it seem like a pretty cut throat environment, and because of the shady nature of the company it’s going to attract a lot of employees who aren’t exactly paragons of virtue but this sounds like the kind of crap that goes on at any large office. Obviously an anonymous performance review system is a bad idea in an organization staffed with sociopaths.


These examples don’t seem to be overtly racist. They are things that could happen to anyone. Just because you disagree with someone of a different race, doesn’t mean that racism is involved. Maybe I don’t like Fred and give him a bad review. Perhaps its just because I think he is a dick and not because he is a different color. I have seen actual racism and I have seem people looking for racism where it didn’t exist. It’s hard to know which one this is.


So it’s a racist company that profits off lies and selling user data. I think it’s time for Facebook to throw in the towel.