TIL that meme of DMX crying is from an interview done with VH1, where he admits that his mother never told him that she loved him. ” You know what I think a lot of people lose sight of the fact that no matter how strong you are as a man no matter how tough you are we all need to be somebody’s baby.”

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As a huge DMX fan, I feel bad for the dude. Dude always seem to be in trouble. There’s even a site that lets you know if he’s currently in jail or not.


I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen the DMX crying meme. Jordan crying, sure. But not DMX


Internet culture is so fucking weird


I didn’t know this was a meme and I feel like it shouldn’t be. The guy has clearly had a very traumatic childhood and I feel so bad that he didn’t feel love as a child… That’s all any child needs and should have. Edit: I just wanted to say I don’t think I am the meme police. I just feel so bad for the guy. I hate that him breaking down at his most vulnerable point is used as a laughing subject. I laugh at memes all the time but this one hit home.


This resonates with me so much. My parents were hit by a drunk driver killing my dad and fully paralyzing my mom. My grandparents took me and my sister in, about the only time we ever heard “I love you” was fallowed by “But I don’t have to like you.” After my grandpa died we got passed on to my aunt and uncle who never even came close to seeing us as members of the family, we were added cost. It fucked me up for years, I would collect father figures from all the wrong places and girlfriends got really put off by my emotional swings. I just wanted to be loved by SOMEONE so fucking bad.