TIL that Taco Bell once trolled McDonald’s with a commercial featuring 25 real-life Ronald McDonald’s endorsing their brand.

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They also did an april fools campaign where they said they bought and renamed the liberty bell


Kind of like how a recent Microsoft commercial features Mackenzie Book endorsing their product


Could we get a link to the YouTube? Way too many ads on mobile.


They called my grandfather (Ronald MacDonald) who rejected the offer as it was “stupid”. I was the most disappointed 12 year old on the planet


TIL Taco Bell once payed for free McDonalds advertisements. I will never get why Taco Bell and Burger King think it’s a good idea to bring up McDonalds in their ads. They constantly compare their shit to McDonalds shit. I cannot recall a single commercial where McDonalds even acknowledges that other fast food options exist, let alone directly compares themselves. And, they are far more successful – despite slinging the same trash. So, maybe there’s a lesson to be learned there? McDonalds isn’t “trolled” by this.