What’s the weirdest irrational fear you have?

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That I’m autistic, or schizophrenic, or have some other mental disorder I am unaware of and everyone is just being nice to me because they know I’m “special”. Or not perceiving reality as it is. And that I have achieved nothing of my own merit. I sometimes get anxiety attacks if people suggest this and I start second guessing my whole life. If I were crazy how would I know? HOW WOULD I KNOW?!


a shark will attack me in a lake or swimming pool.


Walking up concrete stairs, tripping, and knocking all of my teeth out.


Aquatic enemies in video games. I could only play Subnautica for about an hour and then had to quit. Real-life sharks don’t bother me at all.


Heart attacks. When I was in the tenth grade my biology teacher told us that one of the signs of a heart attack is your left arm going numb. For the first few weeks afterwards I usually got less that three hours of sleep per night because the fear of having a heart attack kept me up. It got better, but almost every night sice then I fall asleep with my right hand over my heart so I can feel it beating and call for help if it stops. I know it’s stupid, but you said irrational.