Authoritarian governments blocking internet is new Berlin Wall, says US ambassador to Germany

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It’s legitimately a little funny that a us ambassador is implying that walls are bad. “Do as I say not as I do”


I don’t know if he is for or against this. Does this mean we are going to start blocking internet from and to Mexico?


Freedom of speech is a foreign concept outside the US. Europe is, after all, the home of Marxism and Fascism and quite a lot of other totalitarian ideologies as well. Europeans apparently aren’t to be trusted with basic freedoms. Their speech is therefore censored by their big government intelligence services, which of course are the same regional governments with a long history of book burning, science denial and genocide.


this is purely western companies wanting more access to major, burgeoning markets (i.e. China) why would *any* country want such a cia/nsa friendly company like amazon, or google, or facebook to be gathering data on their citizens? Much less competing with their own particular brands that *they* can spy on.