Bernie Sanders vows to follow in New Zealand’s footsteps if elected president: “We will pass a Green New Deal that gets us to 100% renewable energy by no later than 2030 and complete decarbonization of the economy by 2050.”

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The history books are going to be really confusing if Sanders gets in. *but miss you just said the US withdrew from the Paris agreement!..*


No room for nuclear, I see That doesn’t sit well with me


The new deal will last 4 or 8 years, and the next president will throw all that into the trash can and start over. Welcome to politics.


It’s a nice thought, but doesn’t that require more than just the President to accomplish?


Just a little reality check, New Zealand has some of the best conditions for hydroelectric in the world and already get most of their electricity from hydro, they also have literally the best conditions for onshore wind power in the world. For NZ going 100% renewable will be trivial, for the US it’ll mean minimum 5x higher electricity prices(yeah, i know that’s super-conservative, but again, that’s the minimum)