Buckle Your Seat Belts: Impeachment Will Test Trump’s Tenuous Sanity — With public hearings starting next week, the president’s instability is likely to increase tenfold.

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“Trump, for all intents and purposes, hasn’t even begun his assault. What’s upcoming will be a battle of compelling sound bites from the media versus social bytes from the Twitterer in Chief. There will be so much news, noise, and nonsense next week that the media will be in delirious overdrive, and your social feeds will be chock-full, brimming with memes, links, commentary, captioned photos, facts, fake news, truth, innuendo, and on and on and on.” I think the author makes a good point here. We need to make sure we are staying *focused,* because a shitstorm of distraction is on the way.


I’m waiting for his chaos announcement. When he wants to distract from his own actions he announces something huge, either firing a cabinet member or a new action that upends decades of US foreign policy.


He’s barely hanging on as it is. My guess is that public hearings will catalyze the long-coming mass exodus of most of the remaining White House staffers, and that will be all she wrote. Without the people around him, Trump has Twitter and nothing else. He doesn’t know how to do anything. He doesn’t know how to use the powers of his office, he doesn’t know how to draft executive orders and actually put them into effect. I honestly doubt he could manage to use the phone to call outside the White House or turn on the lights. He’s an imbecile. A stupid, flailing dolt who can only scream and wail like a baby until the end comes.


100 bucks says he pushes to withhold PBS funding over this


Next week would be an amazing time for Trump’s Twitter account to be suspended for TOS violations. Can you imagine?