Climate change deniers’ new tactic to influence the future: “there is an attempt being made by them to deflect attention away from finding policy solutions to global warming towards promoting individual behaviour changes that affect people’s diets, travel choices and other personal behaviour”

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Just like PepsiCo with their littering campaigns. Instead of fixing the issue themselves, with their wealth and resources, shift blame to consumers. How dare you blame oil companies? You’re driving the cars and burning the oil yourselves!


Every time there’s a thread regarding environmentalism there’s always that one super upvoted comment that talks about how if we all cut down on meat, waste less water and recycle we can *totally* prevent a climate catastrophe! No. No we can not. The science is clear, and the numbers don’t lie – the overwhelming majority of carbon emissions come from transit and manufacturing. We could all “go green” as individuals but as long as fossil fuels remain unsanctioned we’re still fucked. That’s not defeatism – that’s facts. I’m not saying we should totally give up on going green on a personal level, I’m saying it’s not enough. The *only* way to save the planet is through global regulations phasing out fossil fuels and mandating that everything that used to run on them should now run on electricity generated from renewable energy. Companies will never regulate themselves, it’d be too expensive – you need organizations like the EU and the US government to pass these regulations for there to be any effect.


I mean, you do have individual responsibility, if your idea of helping involving doing nothing except voting it’s probably a bad idea. You can vote and go vegan and recycle all at once I’ve been told. Besides, after we implement a carbon tax, a deforestation tax, etc, all those animal products and plane rides and central heating will be things you’ll be able to afford less of anyway (which is good as we do want to reduce their use), might as well get practicing.


This has been going on for years. Corporations have no problem telling consumers to change, and even trick them into making them think they’re making a big difference. On the flip side, most corporations won’t do a damn thing if it costs them money.


Climate Change Denier : A highly politicized and ill intended term used to describe literally anyone who disagrees with the chain of thinking that giving money and power to government will magically prevent the climate from ever changing in a way that we don’t want it to again. The term can also be used to shut down any argument brought up by people who doubt the severity of the issue or anyone who points out the way fear mongering tactics have been failing for decades.