DEA releases report on fentanyl. Reveals 27% of pills contained up to 4.2 mg.

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Does anyone else find themselves skeptical of the DEA report because it’s the DEA, who has a huge incentive to prove that drugs are lethal? I’d be much more comfortable with this study/conclusion if it were done by a more independent group/organization. Shades of “reefer madness” Of course fentanyl is bad. Of course there’s a lethal dose. Of course people shouldn’t take drugs.


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that like double the lethal dose?


Get naloxone. You could save a life. In Ontario and most provinces it’s free. If you use, know people who do, or may be in a position to help someone you really should consider it. It’s so prevalent. If you have opioids in your house you should also think about picking it up. Accidental overdoses do happen.


Idk if this is news or not but they sell single pills and they SPLIT the pills, they dont take a pill per dose. Its much easier to supply and you dont have to carry multiple pills with you.