Disney says Hong Kong protests could wipe out $275 million in theme park profit

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That’s almost literally nothing. Disney is worth 130 **BILLION**.


Not trying to make a political statement here but this was just Disney stating a fact from their recent earnings report. They aren’t complaining or taking sides. And CNN decided to write an article about it 🤷‍♂️


Fuck Disney and profit. Edit: didn’t expect so many votes and comments on this. I meant it as a general comment against corporations making huge profits but not paying their workers well.


Why is everyone acting like Disney is trying to complain about this and discourage protesting? They have a legal responsibility to disclose events with significant impact on their business.


Good Lord, did anyone do more than read the headline and then dig out their Jump to Conclusions mat? It’s forward guidance from their quarterly earnings call, not a complaint or condemnation of HK protesters.