Facebook Takes Down Breitbart Posts That Claimed to Name Whistle-Blower

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The only reason people would want to know the name is to smear the whistleblower. The claims the whistleblower made have already been determined to be credible.


Facebook doing damage control. People don’t like the fact that FB is allowing “news sources”, specifically such as Breitbart, being allowed to “contribute” news feeds. Not surprised that Breitbart tried to narc on the whistleblower’s identity, given it’s allegiance. Since the AP is not condoning the revealing of the whistleblower’s name, FB is taking down all posts and ads related to this. But don’t confuse it for them trying to do the right thing. Pure damage control.


Alex Jones has moved on to incorrectly outing random people as jurors on the Roger Stone case.


Isn’t Breitbart one of Facebook’s ‘fact checkers’ now? How dare they hurt their allies like that!


I don’t need to know the persons name. But they are an American Hero.