Global macro trader who nailed the 2008 crisis says next 3 months mark ‘edge of the cliff’ for markets—and ‘we’re there right now’

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Hey, someone’s gotta be right at some point lol. I’m sure everyone will continue with the doomsday articles until they are right. Then they will fail to mention the 90% of times they were wrong.


The recession will after summer ’21. One of the mottos of this sub is you can’t time the market. All that recession talk and people actually believed a recession was going to hit? As if it suddenly became easy to predict recessions. One thing I hear a lot is markets will drop after the election. I doubt it. The ones who control the market will drop it (stop supporting it) when fears of a recession is no longer on most people’s minds. After the election, the market will continue to go up, making recession predictors and bears look like fools. Months will pass and even the bears will turn to bulls. Summer time, sweep the legs, but it’s not going to just drop straight down. It’ll bounce, making the dip buyers rush in. Fall 2021 is when the smack down will hit. If not 2021, then ’22 or ’23 or sometime before the year 3000, 100% guaranteed.


Getting pretty tired of rolling these vix calls lol


Another failed prediction


Cool story, just block MarketWatch and CNBC and you’ll never get the clickbait: “OMG the recession is here” articles.