Happy Saturday! Because of religious exemptions we’re headed to the county health dept for an emergency vaccine

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Too bad they don’t have a vaccine for stupid.


It’s time to no longer allow religion to be used as an exemption from vaccines. There are also tons of stupid antivaxxers who aren’t really that religious but they pretend to be to get out of vaccinating.


“Religious exemptions” shouldn’t be a thing. Religion isn’t proven to be true. Meanwhile, it is proven that vaccines are good for most people and prevent certain diseases. Let’s think logically here. Im agnostic and believe religious people deserve respect, but we shouldn’t be so over the top “PC” that we allow kids to get diseases. I wouldn’t even call this being PC. I just call it making bad decisions.


Wow. I would be pissed, too.


This kid has a confirmed case of measles, a dead disease that is going to make a comeback. Really glad there are religious exemptions 10/10 America.