[HELP] How to cut sugar out of my life?

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Instead of buying that 2L of soda buy a gallon of water. Take it everywhere with you, yes you may seem silly at first but who cares you are trying to better yourself. You could even buy yourself a tumbler of some sorts but only allow yourself to put water in it.


Once I realized how gross soft drinks are, I found it hard to ever go back. Maybe researching what all is in it will cure you too.


It sucks but you have to exercise some self control. People can post all the tips and tricks they want, but no one can stop you from buying and drinking what you want except for you… downvote me all you’d like


Switch to diet versions of soda, cut out a lot of white bread and switch to wholegrains, and use stevia in your tea/coffee.


Woul could go all out and stop like you have tried and not managed to keep up or you could try drastically reduced sugar. Like the bottle of pepsi you have, it needs to last you all week then the next bottle needs to last you longer because you’ll only have a glass every other day. Dont just replace it with something else. Carry a bottle of something you can drink, water or squash.