Holland – 68% of the population are either Atheists or Agnostics and they predict it will be over 70% in the next survey. Religious people “Atheism will destroy a country”. Recent article about crime in the country “Dutch prisons are closing because the country is so safe”.

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If you bring that up there’s a pause, then they attack in a different direction. The most religious parts of the US are the most bigoted.


As a Dutch person I can somewhat confirm religion here is not near as big as it is in the US. I spent four months in upstate NY last year and even though I loved being there, you couldn’t just walk through the village I was in without seeing at least three churches within a few minutes. (Just to compare: my home town has around 20 000 people and there are two “working” churches, that village had 8 000 inhabitants (and I don’t know if the 5 000 students were counted with that).). We have a Bible belt where religion is very much present (mostly protestants), but churches are getting emptier every year and where I am from, on the west side of the country, I hardly know any people who are practising any religion, let alone go to church every Sunday.


“God made me do it” is apparently a good excuse for criminals.


bUt YoU cAn OnLy HaVe MoRaLs WhEn YoU HaVe ReLiGiOn


*laughs in Dutch* Religion is, overal, losing territory. Evangelicals and Muslims have been growing though. I’m confident religion will keep losing ground overal.