Hydrogen fuel cells becoming viable in maritime sector

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This is where we should be using hydrogen fuel; not cars.


I used to be very anti fuel cell – because of the energy issues in producing the hydrogen. However, I did some marketing work in the hydrogen drone and bike space – and the more research I do, the more I’m convinced it has a positive future for transport.


The problem with hydrogen is economic: most hydrogen is produce from natural gas, as this is a cheapest alternative. Sure it can be made from electricity, but this process is inneficient and needs a lot of electricity. We already have the technology to make fuel, kerosene and gas from plants. But it’s the same problem, it’s just too expensive and inefficient. The real breakthrough, will be a carbon tax sufficient enough to make this technology really take off on the cleaner side.


This tech would kill my career, I’m still for it. There’s always money in the banana stand.


I am more then 25 years away from retirement and I believe that solar power, fuel cells, battery storage and a diesel generator can power a ship that can travel the Earth. That can distill sea water, that can be my home. An electric hybrid ship about 75 or more feet long and as wide as a dock slip is all I need in life. I will have it built in Mexico and it will have so many monitors, cams, a solar sail. Batteries for days and a diesel engine to charge the batteries when or if there is not enough sunlight. Electric twin engines, Tesla already makes them.