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Wow so they use the glove and subtitles appear? That’s pretty cool


Sign language gloves have been a thing for around 20 years. I met a guy who invented them as a teen way back when and has won numerous international awards. Guy nearly had a movie made about him, but he’s extremely modest and now he saves lives contracting with a company that delivers blood by drone in Rwanda. I’m not kidding. Dude’s a quiet hero. I’m not sure if saying his name here is okay or not… he is a public figure but not very well known.


Only the fourth time I can remember sign language translating gloves being “invented” in the last like 10 years. Good job though, still fairly cool I guess.


This technology has been around for years, it’s cool that they’ve been able to replicate it but it isn’t new


Cooooooool What if his name is Teddy or Terence or Tiramisu? What if his name is Leo, Lanister, or Lanyard?