In Christianity, if the word of god is so “straightforward” why are there like 20 different denominations?

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Actually, the number of Christian denominations is 33,000+. Proving pretty definitively that “straightforward” is all too often defined as “how *I* choose to define it in order to justify both my prejudices and my abdication of personal responsibility for those prejudices.”


Furthermore, how are we, the wandering sheep, supposed to find god if there are so many different shepherds calling for our attention? /s


Fun fact, the “word of god” wasn’t canonized until the fourth century (and even then, it’s only one of four canons). Until then, there was a shit ton of variety within the belief of Christianity; we can see from the oral and written traditions as well as artifacts from the earliest times there was nothing resembling orthodoxy. The bishops’ organization of this mess in the fourth century is roughly the religious equivalent of herding a bunch of cats across a barn floor.


“*Our* church believes exactly what the Bible plainly states. All those *other* churches choose to misinterpret the Scriptures so they will have an excuse to sin.”


I grew up in the church and the differences isn’t about “what they believe” mostly, it’s more about “how they go about it”. The two main groups are catholic and protestant with protestants having many denominations. The reason it happened was because people in the church disagreed with the pope so they split into their own group, which split further into many more groups The main difference between catholics and protestants is that Protestants don’t obey/believe in the catholic hierarchy. As for the other denominations some differences are more minuscule than others.