Islamic government in Terrengganu, Malaysia destroys dreams of female gymnasts due to revealing attire and “indecent” moves

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If men are unable to control themselves when confronted by a woman’s body, controlling women is not the answer. We need consequences for men’s lack of self-control.


>Mr Wan Sukairi explained that the written guidelines are based on Islam and syariah compliance. He explained that the rules address points like attire, coaching, physio treatment and other areas of sports related to training and competition. > >He also outlined that the importance of “modest attire” for sports is to take care of the welfare of the athletes and prevent sexual misconduct from happening. > >“You may have heard of reports of molest and rape involving the coaches. These things happen and we want to prevent all these things from happening by introducing these (sporting) guidelines that cover early preparation to competition,” he said. > I can’t believe that people are still blaming everything except for the perpetuators for sexual assault.


I’m half Malaysian and politics is one of the worst aspects of Malaysia. I’m glad I’ll be in Australia in a few years’ time.


All faiths are insane hate groups. This sickens and saddens me. Religion is crushing hope and dreams. Religion has kept man at each others throat. Their may have been a peace in the past. But the new faiths have kept our species dim and dark for so long, that we lost that historic legacy. The faiths have rewritten the past as truths, where non exist. Damn all religions and faiths to hell.