Knives Out for ‘Moscow Mitch’ After Dem Wins Kentucky Governorship

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Just thinking here but once Mitch McConnel is gone, if the republicans continue to hold a majority in the senate won’t they just select the next biggest asshole to take his place and business will continue as usual?


Why would anyone vote for Moscow Mitch? Senator from Kentucky, One of the poorest, most dependent on federal aid states, among the least educated….found the answer. Never mind. Edited in words


Don’t forget beating Martha McSally, Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Thom Tillis, Joni Ernst, Dan Sullivan, John Cornyn, and David Perdue. And re-electing Doug Jones and flipping the open Senate seat in Georgia. Even if we don’t flip Mitch’s seat, making him Minority Leader would work just fine.


If you guys really want Mitch gone, consider moving here to vote. That’s literally the only thing that could stop him from winning again. But since that’s stupid and infeasible, stick around to the end of this comment. Posting about him on reddit and sending money to Amy McGrath or whoever wins the Dem primary might feel like you’re doing something, but Republicans won every state wide office except the governorship, which they only lost by a 0.4% difference. We haven’t had a Republican attorney general since 1948. Our new one was handpicked by McConnell himself. McConnell will cruise to victory in next year’s election. Better thing to do is to stop letting McConnell be a lightning rod. His seat is safe, but his power and ability to fuck democracy comes from being the *majority* leader. Focus on flipping unsafe senate Republican seats of you want to reign in Moscow Mitch. Donate to hotly contested senate races and ignore anyone from outside of Kentucky saying that McConnell is running scared – he’s not, this week’s election basically proved he’s as popular as ever (or rather, that abortion and antilgbtq evangelicals are as loyal a voting bloc as ever), he’s basically a lost fight. I’m still voting against him though because fuck him.


Moscow Mitch is Putin’s…