LPT: After a bad break up, do 10 things that your ex would never do with you. You’ll feel better and realize how much of yourself was being held back.

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I’m gonna have sex


This is so helpful. Two weeks ago I had to start a new life that I did not want (at the time). My wife decided she did not want to stay married to me, and I had to leave. It is still hard to move on but it has helped me immensely to do things I wanted that she would not want to do. I am also in the process of reclaiming special places we used to love to go to; what used to be “our favorite places” are now my places for me to enjoy. I am slowly taking my life back, one day at a time, one place at a time. OP is doing good work sharing this.


Easier said than done. Now I’m TWO people short on my threesome.


The only thing I need to do after a breakup to feel better is to finally burn all those candles we bought that I was never allowed to light. Whats the point of a candle if ya don’t light it up once in a while?


LPT: If you can’t do things you enjoy with or without your S.O. you should reconsider the relationship.