LPT If you are drunk (or under the influence of something) and lost/no reasonable transportation. Depending where you live you can call the Police and they’ll take you home.

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Once I was drunk and at the McDonalds when just the drivethru was open. A cop pulled over and gave me a ride through the drivethru and dropped me off around the corner from my place. I’m living in a dorm type building and didn’t want security seeing getting driven home in a cop car.


it’s great law enforcement were able to assist you in your time of need. unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere. there are a shortage of officers in my city, and the few we have are busy apprehending criminals.


If you are living in the US and you are black or brown, the police would most likely take you to a jail cell than your house


Ya, your mileage will definitely vary with this one. I’d save this one for when absolutely necessary as I’d say you’ll only ever get one of these free rides, if at all.


I can second this, I was walking home from a friend’s house one night drunk (22 years old or so) and walking way off to the side of a state highway (not an interstate, just a well travelled 2 lane road) and a police officer pulled over to ask what I was up to. I explained that I was about 5 minutes from home. He offered me a ride, since it was cold and raining. I accepted and had a decent chat with himon the way