LPT: If you are going to travel out of your area contact your credit card companies and bank before you travel with the areas you plan on going and the dates. They will put a travel notice on your account and keep you from being flagged for fraud and your cards locked while you’re traveling.

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The last couple of times I’ve done this they told me not to bother.


Usually, (can verify for Chase), you can set this up online. Just search *your bank’s name* travel notification and it should do the trick.


This has seriously saved my rear end on a couple of occasions where my card has worked and my travel partners haven’t. The opposite has also bit me in the rear end. I did not contact my bank before flying to NY a couple of years ago and the first purchase I made got my card locked. I had to call and have the travel notification put on to be able to make a purchase.


Credit card companies are weird about this now. I went to Europe a few months ago and Capital One straight up told me I didn’t need to call basically implied it was a waste of a phone call.


Except when it doesn’t work. My old card locked me out when I was only about 2 hours away from my home. I was going on a longer trip a few weeks later, so I made sure to call and let them know. They had some oddly specific questions about where I would be staying, how much money I thought I’d be spending, etc. Then I went on the trip and the first time I tried to use my card they locked me out. When I called and asked why they locked me out after I had called to tell them I’d be traveling only two days prior and they said it still seemed suspicious. Canceled that credit card a day later. Think it was a Capital One.