LPT: if you’ve been invited over for a get together by someone you’d like to get to know better, offer to come over early to help set up. This will show that you’re a giving friend and can give you the opportunity to have some one on one time before everyone else shows up.

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And drunk clean up! No one is happier than a host that wakes up to a clean house.


My new neighbour did this to me for my daughter’s birthday. I said ‘no thanks, it’ll be easy’ but they all came over anyway! 2 adults and 2 kids an hour before the party. The set up was easy, what was hard was getting my child ready for her own party. 10 times harder with a strange family also needing to be entertained since there was no setting up to do.


As a frequent home party host before I moved, set-up isn’t really an issue, and if necessary there’s usually already a core group of friends to help setup, do last minute errands, emergency beer runs, etc. If you want a chance to get close to the host or start working your way into the core friends group, clean up is where you want to insert yourself. By the end of a party most people are too tired and drunk, or have helped enough throughout the night, or have left/just want to go home, etc. If you’re there elbows deep and helping clean up despite all that, you really show that you care and it’s also a great chance to get one-on-one time.


Or just dont be the guests who never leave. Go home. That will show you really care.


Oof. I would not like this.