LPT: NEVER believe that employee feedback surveys are truly anonymous

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I just sign Matt’s name. Guys an asshole.


If they say they are and they are not, is that illegal?


They actually are.. large companies spend a lot of money on software to maintain employees privacy.. however when you give specific examples in the “quote” section (like a dumbass) your boss gets all of those and can figure out who you are


My company has always done them on paper and dropped off in a box


I work (large Canadian corporation) on a team that directly works on employee feedback surveys and it’s completely anonymous. It’s being administered by a third party vendor, individual data is never even in our possession, same data requests on the survey data can only be submitted for groups large enough to ensure anonymity in the recieved results. Verbatim comments are at an even higher threshold (available on requests for even bigger groups) and unless you say things that directly identity you in those comments, no one could ever know.