LPT: When feeling anxious, stop and think of a bear in your closet.

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This totally worked!! I pictured a bear in my closet then I imagined it just disappeared and I suddenly relaxed and I realized alot of things I fear and stress over are actually just made up. Thank you for this!


It’s a good idea, but anxiety takes hold of all logic and I’d not think of bears at all. The only proven effective way of snapping me out of a panic attack is either someone I trust walking me through breathing or telling me they’re calling an ambulance. Or, the time I stopped breathing (but totally out of body, saw it all), putting me in the shower. They don’t snap me out completely, but they allow me to breathe normally until I can recover. The last few years I’ve started to develop severe tremors when I even talk about exciting things. I’m glad you have found something that works well for you and I hope it helps others as well 🙂


>A lot of the time there’s no bear.. So sometimes there is a bear?


This is brilliant! The physiological and behavioral reactions to stress and anxiety are very similar, but the root causes and ability to rationalize each are quite different. Borrowing this for my studying children.


I like this. I might use this with my patients. Thanks for sharing. Hope you’re doing better now