Luxury hotels could be launched into Earth’s orbit as early as 2021. This is what future space lodging might look like.

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Our billionaire overlords looking to reach space don’t have a Star Trek vision in mind…they want Dune


No they’re not going to space. You have to exercise 4 hours a day just to resist muscle atrophy. No one wanting a luxury vacation is going to do that.


This thread is a train wreck


On the doorstep of climate collapse, I don’t think this is a good use of our limited resources, nor adding to greenhouse gasses. I’m not opposed to research, but luxury hotels – nope. And I’ll not entertain any arguments about it being a good way to separate absurdly rich people from their money for the good of space exploration or basic science. If the ultra-rich actually care they can donate money, keep their asses at home, and we can send actual scientists and worthwhile people on the missions. If they don’t want to donate, we can tax them. Money problem solved.


Oh. No thanks. I like to reduce my risk of being killed in a horrifying way, not exponentially increase it. So.