Making restaurant quality food at home, frugally: an ongoing project. (long) X-post from r/povertyfinance

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Yes. This is something that has some key tips, but remember…we are a global community. So, posting prices is not going to go well. But…posting pricing strategy and teaching folks how to shop for value is a great tool.


A few suggestions of things I would be interested in additionally: – how to determine the quality of ingredients – how different cooking techniques change the flavour of food – how to make cooking a bit more time-effective – how to throw together original meals from leftover ingredients I’m sure a lot of people struggle with these. I’d certainly be interested!


Honestly, working in a restaurant for 3 years has been one of the most valuable skills I’ve learned. I apply everything I got paid to learn to my at home life. Now I have a husband and we cook restaurant quality food at home nearly every night. It’s important to know how to store and prep your food just as much as it is to cook it! An issue I used to have is that I’d bulk buy food and not have the time to make and eat it before it goes bad. Now I know frozen veggies are king (for our lifestyle) and I portion out all meat the day I buy it, freeze it until day before, and I haven’t had to throw out a single thing 🙂 we only grocery shop once a month too! Any fresh produce I know how to store properly as well and I love having zero waste at the end of the month! I think this is a great idea and I wish you the best of luck! I really think people would be amazed at what they can do with a little know how. Editing: because this is on cheap and healthy, I’m a food stamp recipient. I get around $150 a month and make it work for two people 🙂 $80 is spent on the staples, the rest snacks.


This would be great! Another side comment perhaps worth mentioning are kitchen tools? I think some are fooled to believe we need the 32 pc. knife set when 1 sharp chef’s knife is often more than enough. Sharp, is the key, and makes the prep experience much less daunting (and safe!) I mean, maybe this isn’t the time and place for that considering there are already so many other worthwhile topics to cover, but just a thought :).


They should teach this sort of thing in school :/