My Catholic alcoholic heroin overdose sister-in-law is pregnant again and her family believes “God only gives you what you can handle”.

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No. Someone needs to step in. I’m so sorry for your family.


> God only gives you what you can handle Translation: If anything goes wrong, it must be *your* fault.


If god doesn’t give you more than you can handle, why are there people committing suicide?


Well, as a daughter of a herion addict I can say that is bullshit. I watched my mom pull knives on people, she forgot me at school cause she went to jail, I had to make my own dinner sometimes when I was like 7 because she would be so faded and slurring, I was her personal therapist hearing about my parents Infadelity and my mother’s childhood trauma, we went without heat when my mom blew too much money, most of my clothes were stolen, she constantly threatened me with suicide or running away. She was also always to concerned with her own problems and didn’t notice me get molested at 4, become suicidal in middle school, or care to stop be from staying out all night (till like 2-3 AM) at 14 or 15. My highlight of my childhood is that I wasn’t beaten or left unvaccinated. Rating: 2/10 would totally sterilize my mom if I had a choice. She had a miscarriage after me due to using heroin and I’m glad that she didn’t have a 3rd child because she is toxic and violent and used me to make herself feel better by having a security blanket.


That phrase is used so that people who have everything can feel good about doing nothing to help, and that’s all it is. Same thing with prayer.