My son wants to cook, I need easy meals he can make himself.

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Well, he’s got the eggs down I’d assume. Show him rice, then he can add the eggs and some frozen peas or soy beans, and season to taste and you got a quick stir fry.


My 7-year old makes lots of stuff: burritos, spaghetti bolognese, mashed potatoes, hamburgers, pancakes (or crepes I guess you would call them in the US), meatballs, assorted baking goods like an easy sponge cake, spanish tortilla (like an omelette) etc. I suggest asking your son what he wants to make and teach him that, being able to cook food you like is a huge motivator.


an 8 year old who wants to cook is a miracle lol, i know so many adults who will order food and eat tv dinners for every meal to avoid cooking.


You’ve got a lot of great recipe suggestions in here, but I want to add a few pieces of advice. 1. Don’t be afraid to let him use a knife. He has to learn. Also make sure he learns how to use a whetstone to sharpen them. 2. Find a lot of cooking education programming for him. Not Food Network (which is more food entertainment now), but Cooking Channel. You really should use old cooking shows like Julia Child, Stephen Yan, Wolfgang Puck, Graham Kerr, or Jeff Smith. Those focused on diverse techniques, ingredients, and cuisine. Look for those on YouTube or the PBS website/PBS Passport. 3. Let him experiment. For every great recipe and every success, he needs to fail. He will need to learn. He will need to explore. He will need to try to save disasters. You will suffer for it, but it’s extremely important to let him figure it out on his own. 4. Make sure he covers all kinds of foods. Not just ethnic cuisines but frying, baking, pastry, candy, etc. 5. Get him the proper tools. Use birthdays and holidays to do that. 6. Get him cookbooks! You can get them dirt-cheap at used bookstores now. I’m not a professional cook but am a damn good home cook and started learning at a similar age. By age 13 I had prepared a five course Chinese meal for my family who were all very impressed with what I had learned all without any formal training at all. I’m confident your son could do the same. Most importantly, let him have fun and always encourage him.


It might sound a little tricky, but I would really recommend learning to cook risotto. It’s the perfect recipe to learn the basics of good cooking – chopping and dicing, browning onions and garlic, lots of stirring. It’s labour intensive (you have to keep stirring) which is a good way to keep him busy. It’s also really versatile: you can pretty much add any ingredient into it. You can also show him how to make his own stock, which is pretty fun.