Opinion | 5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes, Please

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When I worked in an office the first hour was people waking up, the hour after lunch is people talking, and the last hour of the day is people pretending to work. Friday is just people pretending to work. So yea, this would benefit employers and employees alike. Where I currently work this week my boss said, “Who would like to come in friday?” half the people had plans so he said no work Friday. I said I’d be willing so he, my brother, and I went in. We had a great time talking shit and fucking with eachother and got A TON done because *we wanted to be there*.


I feel like this is kinda a dumb opinion piece. Who wouldn’t want to work 50% of the hours and get paid the same…


This sadly won´t apply to customer-oriented jobs. I get the idea of being more efficient working, but life goes on between 8 and 20 in most places and 4 hours is not going to cut it.


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I would do 4 days of 10 hours. When I worked part time in the summer during college years, I worked between 20-30 hours and it was split up in 4 or 6 hour blocks; Monday at 8am-12pm, Tuesday at 4pm-10pm, Wednesday at 12pm-4pm, Thursday at 8am-12pm, Friday at 8am-4pm, Saturday at 4pm-10pm, Sunday was off and then the pay period starts with Monday at 8am-12pm. But with that schedule, at 32 hours, felt like I did 6 days of work when everything is done. The prep to get in uniform, pack lunch, drive to work….