Parents of British teenager killed by U.S. diplomat’s wife say President Donald Trump offered to have the Treasury write them a check

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Of course, the President of the US can’t just tell the Secretary of the Treasury to “write a check.” That’s ridiculous and clearly shows Trump’s belief that he is the head of a private business organization and not the President of the US and subject to its laws. To say nothing of doing anything that is good for the country and its people. Not only that, but how much did he expect the parents to put as the price for killing their son? A million dollars? A billion? What? People need to understand that this is the type of shit he has done for YEARS, in addition to suing or threatening to sue people who were not able to withstand lawsuits and ended up just caving. How can any sane, thinking person support him after everything that has been revealed?


“She is never going back to the U.K.,” National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, who was allegedly present for the meeting, told the family.


Everyone seems to be focused on Trump here but don’t forget about the woman. She killed another human being and then used her husbands political status to fraudulently escape justice. She should be thrown in prison for the rest of her life. No mercy for people who abuse power like this.


I dont doubt it. Its well known rich people pay off families after they commit a crime against them. Just ask Jeffery Epstein’s associates.


Accept cheque, Hire a mercenary team to kidnap Sacoolas and return her to the UK…. Justice. (EDIT) I forgot to add, then publicly thank Trump for giving you the money to get it done.