Philippines grants asylum to Iranian beauty queen who feared death if deported

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Unexpectedly decent move. Whether or not she truly was at risk, a nation has a duty / right to review and grant asylum to those it thinks need it. And there’s no reason to doubt her claim against a government as arbitrary and paranoid about dissent as Iran’s.


The Philippines has a long history of sheltering refugees like the Jews and the Vietnamese. Plus she’s a beauty queen. The Philippines loves their beauty queens.


Hmm, she picks Philippines of all the places…


Remember Dina Ali. From Wikipedia: “Dina Ali Lasloom is a Saudi woman who attempted to seek asylum in Australia to escape Saudi guardianship laws.She was stopped during transit at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila on April 10, 2017, and sent back to Saudi Arabia on April 11, 2017.” Uproar quickly died down and her whereabouts are unknown. Her documents were seized by airport officials in the international zone and nothing was done to assist her. They allowed her to be bound and forced onto the plane, which was denied airspace by Oman and Qatar.


Whatever happened to that one middle eastern woman who was trying to gain asylum due to her family wanting to murder her. I believe it was like a year ago, Canada was talking about offering it to her but I thought she got sent back. Nevermind, I should have just googled it, she was granted asylum.