Sent to debt collections for a confirmed cancelled newspaper subscription.

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Send a certified letter disputing the debt. Put in the letter that you want to know who the original debt was with and ask for proof of the debt. Also include that you had never been notified of the debt existing in the first place. This same thing happened to me recently, I think mine is a fly by night collector trying to get some quick cash from people who wouldn’t force them to prove anything.


Even after the debt is sold, the original company that sold it can easily pull it back. These kinds of situations happen so many times across many types of business.


This happened to me before! I had ordered Verizon internet once with the equipment and everything. I ended up not needing the service and contacted Verizon and they said to return the equipment and there would be no charge. I did and maybe a year-ish later, an EXTREMELY pesky debt collection agency kept calling me. After finally talking to one of them, I told them I’d talk with Verizon (against their wishes). Took a little bit to sort things out with Verizon but they said they’d take care of it. Agency called me back again and I tried to explain that Verizon was dealing with it but they INSISTED I give them my credit card information to “hold it” and that Verizon couldn’t do anything because they already sold the debt. They wanted my credit card information so bad, I was on the verge of yelling with the other person. Finally hung up and lo and behold they never bothered me again. My credit has been fine since then so I assume Verizon took care of it so it does seem that the original source of your debt can sort everything out.


What I would do is ask them to only communicate with you via mail (you can request this and they must abide) If they ask for anything, dispute it through certified mail; you have the proof. If your credit gets attacked, dispute it with the credit agency. Don’t bother communicating more than necessary to the debt collectors. The most likely scenario is that they’ll try to intimidate you but realistically, it’s not worth the effort of collecting $50.


A key issue here is that the newspaper company never had a debt owed by you, and so they are very wrong when they say the debt has already been sold to the collection agency so they can do nothing. They had no debt to sell, so that cannot be. They MUST explain this mistake to the debt collection company and will have to refund the money they have taken in payment for that nonexistent debt. If, in full knowledge, they do not do this they are knowingly defrauding the debt collection company. If you explain this to them, I suspect there will be an immediate escalation of your case.