Soccer: U.S. women’s team granted class action status in equal-pay lawsuit

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Female sports in general have a smaller audience, witch means the money flow is also substantially smaller, so the players don’t get paid as much. It’s just capitalism.


didn’t it turn out they actually get paid *more?* was that somewhere else?


Bring in as much revenue as the men’s team, then you can ask for equal pay.


It’s unbelievably disgusting that this is allowed to occur. They have the audacity to claim discrimination? The only reason their team is even allowed to EXIST is because of discrimination! They can’t even beat high school soccer teams. If they didn’t get the right to make a league with a “no boys allowed” rule they’d be effing broke right now. If you want equal pay as the men’s soccer team, how about beating them at soccer or shutting up? I hope the judge rules that, they’re right – discrimination isn’t ok. From now on there are no “boys” and “girls” leagues in sports – only one team and the best players will play, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion – as it should be. They’d all be out of a job.


I hope they get demolished. The woman’s team makes a way higher percentage of the money that their team brought in. Have the men’s team play the woman’s team. Do they have equal skill? No. What men’s league would they have to play in to be competitive? Do men in that league make any money at all?