State Department lawyers found the White House Office of Management and Budget, and thus the president, had no legal standing to block spending of the Ukraine aid in a legal finding conveyed in a classified memorandum to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

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Just a reminder, Ukraine was promised military aide because they chose to relinquish nuclear weapons after the Soviet Union dissolved. It was what was promised to strengthen them against Russian agression and eliminate another nuclear power with the potential to start WWIII. They gave up those weapons in good faith and it’s owed to them, whatever someone thinks about what we spend and where.


I thought this is why we all knew right away it was illegal… Congress decides the budget and funding ahead of time… Trump tried to use money that wasn’t even his (Congressional approved taxpayer money), to bribe public officials of another country (Ukraine), in exchange for services to be rendered (Investigations of Bidens). ​ ~~What he did is equivalent to the cashier at the grocery store refusing to ring up your groceries unless you paid him a tip.~~ ​ EDIT: I’m a man of my word. u/kezow 357 points·1 hour ago A better analogy would be the manager of the grocery store refusing to let you have your groceries after you had paid until you posted on Facebook about how the chain that was being built across the road engaged in illegal activities. They are legally your groceries and the lies about the chain are absolutely horseshit, but he’s adamant that you need to do it.


Oh so that was illegal too, besides the extortion? Jesus crust.


Well we now know there will be nothing done about it, the republicans are obviously to scared of him they keep saying he’s not above the law but they prove everyday he is! The republicans lie for him every day and even wrote lies for him in USA TODAY!


So the only reason the Ukraine got their aid money was because the administration found out they couldn’t legally keep it from them?