Taught that slaves will be redeemed in heaven. The last one first, and the first last. Christianity gave hope that stifled anger and revolt. Religion is control.

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Works pretty well with today’s wage slaves also.


The really crazy thing about this is that if Christians *really* believed this then all of them would be trying like crazy to be slaves and there would be no Christians in positions of power.


Religion is control, and depending on how oppressed a people are it remains in control. Ireland is a much poorer country because of the Catholic Church. I know that is a very broad statement, but since Ireland has begun to become less Catholic and more secular, ie, voting down the constitutional mandate against abortion and completely rethinking divorced persons status. Throughout the hundreds of years of dominion and oppression by the British, the church was always there to remind the Irish that the meek shall inherit the earth. Whenever a rebellion was in progress the clergy would invoke the peace of Christ from the altar. Finally, it was only through violent rebellion that the Irish were able to rise up and it still took another one hundred before they began to come to terms with the church. At least the Irish knew that Britain was the foe, but it was the insidious control of the church that really kept them down. and to some degree still does.


x-tianity, is a tool of colonization, 100%


Exactly why King Olaf of Norway became a Christian, he saw how easy it as for his enemies to control people.