The Final Day of Marie Antoinette

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ELI5: Why was she so hated that it came to this?


I can’t say she was the nicest person, but she was far from what the revolutionaries painted her as. It’s a shame that she couldn’t even get the privilege of having her final letters delivered. Also, it was only recently that I learned that her infamous “let them eat cake” statement, may never have been spoken by her


Hey OP. Loose = opposite of tight. Lose = opposite of win.


The Marie Antoinette biography by Antonia Fraser is amazing. Such a fun and thorough read, lively and elegantly written. If you have Amazon Prime, there’s a 3-part documentary called The Rise and Fall of Versailles that is entertaining and accurate. It goes through the reigns of Louis XIV (the Sun King, who built Versailles and put a lot of the ceremony in place), Louis XV (with the famous companion “Madame de Pompadour), and Louis XVI (Marie Antoinette’s husband, the King who funded the American Revolution). It really helps give a quick overview of how the situation in France led to the Terror, at least from a Royal perspective.


I didn’t realize she was that young. Thank you for this!