Theists are the worst at funerals

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i think they mean well with the “better place” bullshit. i don’t see how anyone can say with a straight face that someone is in hell and not be an absolute psycho dickwad.


My aunt convinced my grandmother not to pursue chemotherapy because God told her that she would live. At her funeral she had to the gall to say that she’s still alive in the kingdom of heaven.


While the “they’re in a better place” line can be patronizing, I’ll still take that over some religious asshole screaming “they’re burning in hell if they didn’t love Jesus” shit. This is especially true if the person was suffering a terrible illness and wanted to die rather than continue to exist in horrible pain.


Tbf nothing does sound ‘better’ than living sometimes


It’s an annoying saying. > Then you get those bastards that say they’re probably burning in hell because they took their own lives. Another annoying saying. My nephew is a detective who investigates at least one suicide at week, if not more. Once he rules out foul play, all he can say is “Very sorry for your loss”. That’s it!