Those who go low/no added sugar, do you remove certain categories of food or just all foods with added sugar? Many foods have minimal or unexpected amounts added, like bread or ketchup

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I have eliminated all added sugar from my diet for about a month now. I no longer eat any pastries or dessert foods unless it is a homemade food with sugars from apples or bananas. If I read ingredients on a food and it says anything like: “corn syrup, cane sugar, dried cane extract, sugar” I avoid it. I also dont eat any processed foods which makes it much easier


I avoid sugar and products with high amounts of it like soda and juice but foods with minimal amounts like bread and ketchup I still consume.


Most people who go that way are reading labels and yes, avoiding foods like bread and ketchup. Those small amounts add up and keep your body craving sugar


I started with removing everything in my diet that had any added or processed sugar. Then wound up removing pasta, breads, a majority of condiments and all processed foods (I miss cheese-its). I put a lot of effort into eating pretty much only things that I make myself with more emphasis on eggs, meats, greener vegetables and seeds/nuts. I started doing all this because I was having stomach and bowel distress. Lately though I’ve been making my own pasta’s, my own breads and my own cheeses with great success in keeping my stomach happy. Processed foods were really beating me up but it really came down to the poor quality ingredients in store bought foods. Try making your own foods, it’s fun and not nearly as terrible as store bought items.


Its relatively easy when you reframe your thoughts on what food is. Focus on veggies, fruits, pasture-raised/wild meat, nuts, beans, whole grains (ie oats and quinoa, not bread) over prepackaged foods with multiple ingredients. Drink water, coffee, tea, and/or bone broth. If you do that, you won’t be too worried about what does and doesn’t have added sugar.