TIL of Australian serial killer William MacDonald. When he left a victim under his shop and fled to another city police failed to link it to the other murders and assumed the rotting corpse was MacDonald, who was declared dead

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Lou: Look, Chief. Another body. Chief Wiggum: Well, boys, mystery solved.


Every step of that investigation was a fuck up, two of the murders weren’t seen as suspicious despite all the stabs and genital mutilation… great job, police


In my personal experience, police will do whatever will lead to the last amount of work. If it’s easier to say the murderer is dead, that’s what they do. If it’s easier to get an innocent person to confess, that’s what they do.


Have rung Australian police stations several times. They sounded annoyed at having to get off the couch and answer the phone.


Are Aussie cops a bunch of lazy morons, or is that only how I see them? EDIT: I’ve seen a couple of shows from a series where they “catch” murderers, usually the multiple kind. The attitude seems to be “oh we can’t arrest them unless we catch them in the act”. Seriously terrible. They make Lestrade look like Sherlock.