TIL that South Korea created a secret military unit to assassinate Kim Il-sung. When the units mission was cancelled they killed their handlers, staged a mutiny and were all either killed or commited suicide.

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That’s super fucked up. So they didnt really “train an elite squad”. They abducted some criminals, put them through intense military training on some island for years (harsh enough that 7 died). And then decided they didn’t need them after-all. It’s like they tried to make their own “suicide squad”.


Four were later executed; they survived the initial mutiny.


Many of you sound surprised. But if you dig into the history of South Korea (especially around the 1960s-1980s), you’ll find many similarly appalling incidents. People forget that neither North nor South Korea were particularly free countries until the late 1980s, when South Korea properly democratized.


This happened 1 year after The Dirty Dozen came out; wonder how they thought up this plan…


Well that could have gone better.