TIL That there is a family in italy named Marsili which can not feel pain due to a genetic mutation. Family members can suffer burns and broken bones while feeling virtually no pain and they do not need any sort of anesthesia during surgery

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We have a family with a simliar mutation in northern Sweden. These is a curse not a blessing. Most of the members of the family are in wheel chairs by the time they are 25-30 due to self injury. They have no conception of how they should land when they jump off of something or if their foot gets stuck in a position that is wonky, Imagine walking on a broken ankle for months on end.. They do things like accidently putting their hand on the hot stove and only notice when they smell the burning flesh. ​ TLDR: Pain is a good thing. It keeps you from destroying your body.


Very scary condition


They would be a villain in a videogame, that are searching a way to feel pain, but they actually destroy the world.


this would suck to have, if you had an issue internally you wouldn’t feel it to know how bad it is and would probably end up dieing.


Ive heard this condition is terrible as in kids teething will chew their fingers off or into nubs if not watched. I imagine you have to be extra vigilant