Today is the 85th Birthday of Carl Sagan, pioneer of space and science outreach

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“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”


I’m reading his book “The demon haunted world” he explains how superstitions have held humanity back for so long.


Having been too young to see him in real-time, I still feel like he is a part of my being. The Cosmos original series was the most amazing discovery for me while on my journey to becoming an engineer. The world needed more of this man. The world needs him now more than ever. Who will step into his shoes? RIP Galactic Explorer, Carl Sagan


Amazing human being who inspired or directly taught many of the science communicators we know today. What stood out about Carl Sagan was his ability to highlight the majesty of science and reason without ever forgetting his humanity and that of others. To listen to him speak is to understand that science is a beautiful endeavor, one that humans have been undertaking since time immemorial. You never heaanhim complain about philosophy or religion, unlike Dawkins or Tyson. You get a genuine feeling of respect from Sagan, that these practices were not the work of ignorant fools, but intelligent humans striving to understand the universe. For Sagan, it was the pursuit of knowledge that was important, not the supremacy of science. He truly was an educator who found wonder in everything he saw, including humanity, and that is rare. He wanted others to see the wonder around them every single day.


Carl Sagan lived and breathed space and was a great leader for science. His work is well documented and will stand the test of time. For many people, his life and work represent the pinnacle of their educational and career ambitions.