Trump asked aides ‘can we just get rid of the judges?’, book claims. ‘There shouldn’t be any judges at all, really,’ president complains after court defeats.

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This should terrify everyone. No wonder he’s filling lifetime appointments with unqualified partisan judges – he does not care.


Toddler Trump temper tantrums for not getting it his way. Frustrated and fuming as per the regular. Given his behaviour that everyone can see, I tend to believe this even though I have not heard it. But it checks out pretty well so it’s highly credible.


From a guy whose main weapon was threatening lawsuits? He really does not think things thru.


He doesn’t want judges, ignores Congress and surrounds himself with yes like sycophants, only? He wants to be king, not president


“Can’t we just get rid of the other branches of government? Those checks and balances have been super pesky.” -Donald Trump, probably