Trump thought it would be ‘stupid’ to ‘pick a fight’ with Saudis over Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, claims new book

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Rolled over by the Saudi’s, rolled over by Erdogan. Practically every thought Trump has is stupid, and in every inclination he shows weakness. US enemies are rubbing hands and making plans…


No he didn’t think it’d be stupid, he thought he was protecting Kushner because talks between Kush and MBS where damning,, but then we found out about it anyways. Trump was never going to fight with any of Putin’s other friends.


Pick out the biggest and baddest guy in the courtyard, and send everyone a message by walking up to him and….kneeling in front of him.


This book is actually helping trump by not telling us this the truth. This book is part of the plan. It pushes the idea that he is just a dumb child but I ask you this… Why has he made no good mistakes? There is only one way to get every question wrong on a test… Trump is guilty of treason, and appears to be a Russian asset. The narrative that he is insane or old or anything other than actively attacking OUR DEMOCRACY


America let the Saudis get away with 9/11, so this fits with the usual plan